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Frosting Creators

Our mission is to bring people together who enjoy the world of edible art. To share ideas, recipes, tips and techniques by having discussions and demonstrations covering all aspects of cake decorating and sugar creations.

There is a magic about a beautifully decorated cake at a gathering. Whether it is a birthday cake or a 4 tier wedding cake. A work of art in confection is the centerpiece of any special occasion. While it is a long haul from spreading canned frosting on a sheet cake, to creating a work of art that will stop the show, it is a fun and rewarding experience to travel the road…

Frosting Creators  meets once a month. For detailed information on the next meeting please go to

Next meetinginformation .

If you want to become a member, print off a copy of our Membership Application and bring it in to our next meeting.

Frosting Creators of San Antonio

Our club mailing address:

P.O.Box 2907

San Antonio, Tx. 78229