Behind the scenes

 A lot of passion and hard work from our Frosting Creators members

are the ingredients to make possible this incredible event.


The day finally arrived and started with a lot of work from our volunteer members

IMG_9341 IMG_9177 DSCF4792 DSCF4793

 IMG_9195 IMG_9196

Everything look perfect with our patriotic decorations,



Ruffles team worked really hard, is a huge task to get all those incredible prizes ready for the event. Great job ladies and thank you to all our sponsors and member for your donations.

DSCF4789 DSCF4790

 IMG_9267 IMG_9257


The food committe prepared this gorgeous and delicious breakfast table to welcome all participants

IMG_9174 IMG_9172 IMG_9173


Registrations team was  also ready really early, along with the club information table ladies. They were taking care of  the goodie bags

IMG_9240   IMG_9436


Thank you to all our members that participate in the organization,

you really share from your hearts!!